Janice Skafel receives Burlington150 award

Image of BDRA volunteers
Janice Skafel (centre) painting the house in preparation for our Syrian family.

Congratulations to our very own Janice Skafel, chair and lead volunteer on the BDRA committee that sponsored a Syrian family to settle in Canada. Janice has been awarded the Burlington 150 award for her leadership and incredibly hard work helping our Syrian family, and so many others in Burlington over the years. You are an inspiration!! Thank you!

Here is an extract of the nomination made to the awards committee:

“Janice Skafel is, quite simply, an extraordinary person who is richly deserving of recognition by a Burlington150 award. Over three decades, Janice has led efforts by St Luke’s church
and partner community groups to settle refugee families from Bosnia, Afghanistan and, most recently, from Syria in Burlington and Ontario. As chair of the Burlington Downtown Refugee Alliance (a collaboration between Burlington churches, businesses, City Hall staff and individuals), Janice has led a team of volunteers in welcoming a family of Syrian refugees to Burlington. She has ensured that the family’s first months in Canada have demonstrated all that is best about Canada, about Ontario and about Burlington. Janice’s unwavering and continued support of people forced from their homes by war, and her welcome of newcomers regardless of race, faith or cultural background, are examples of all that is best about Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis. She has a deeply held belief that, by this work, we help give the best possible start to new citizens who will give back to Canada in decades to come.”