Jordan Refugee Camp

Waiting and Hoping

Greetings to everyone,

At the beginning of this sunny spring day, I am wondering what our family in Jordan is thinking. Do they know or understand how we are anxious to see them and get them here to start their life here?

It is a long wait and we hoped they would be here by now. All that rushing to get the house ready. There seems to be no use in analyzing at what point things are at, but we know they are not lost in the system.

Michael was talking with our diocesan refugee contact the other day and the Diocese has three sponsoring groups including us in the same situation. The staff from our diocese is using all possible means of communication to find out the status of these families, to no avail. Bill has assured Michael that we will know as soon as they know.

In the meantime, we will have to go in and do a good dusting and vacuuming when we do get word. We have been so grateful for this house and sorry that it is sitting empty.

Thanks to everyone who was on standby while we were away for a few weeks. I now have another trip coming up as we depart on April 23 for our week-long mission trip to Honduras. Thank you for those who have been checking on the house to make sure all is OK.

A large amount of bedding was taken over to the storage locker near the mosque for any needs they have and so don’t think that we have had any calls for emergency bedding like we did that first night!

Thanks to everyone for being in the ready.

Best to all,

Janice Skafel